Regional Anaesthesia, Ultrasound & Continuous Infiltration

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Regional Block Needles with Stimulation

Regional block needles with stimulation are available with pencil point tip (UPA), with 20 degree bevel (UPC) and with back cut 30 degree bevel (UPB). The over-moulded ergonomic hub covers the connection between the needle, the extension tube and the connecting cable, avoiding any leak of liquid. The needle is coated with insulating polyesters and undergoes a dry siliconisation process in order to increase its smooth gliding capacity within the tissues.

Please see our Regional Block Needles with Stimulation product sheet for further details.

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Needles for Blocks under Ultrasound

The USB stimulation needle features a familiar 30 degree 'back-cut' bevel tip, for extra confidence in those used to this type of bevel, and improved perception of the needle's passage through tissues. The USC stimulation needle features a flattened 20 degree bevel tip, maximising the visibility under ultrasound - even when 'out of plane'. The needle is treated with a 'roughening' effect, maximising echographic properties and providing the user with a clear return.

Please see our Needles for Blocks under Ultrasound product sheet for further information.

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