What is MiTouch?

MiTouch is a simple to use, handheld device which combines three clinically proven bio-electrical medical technologies for the effective, natural, drug-free relief of almost all types of pain, at the same time as helping your body's own healing process at the source of pain.

These same technologies can be used to speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains.

For further technical information, please see the manufacturer's website

MiTouch key benefits:

  • Fast-acting pain relief and inflammation reduction with clinically tested results
  • Speed your body's recovery and rehabilitation processes after injury, trauma or surgery
  • Complete BodySystem therapy to relax muscles and improve circulation
  • Speed treatment and accelerate healing potential, get back to your best sooner
  • Improve personal performance, significant strength and exploding power gains

To order your MiTouch, please contact Blue Box Medical on 023 8066 9000 today!
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